onsdag den 4. juni 2014

What I have been up to lately

The timejust flies at the moment and so much is happening. But I have decided to be better at bringing my camera every where as I used to earlier. There fore I have some photo documention.

Last friday I took the time to stop at the antique market at Thorvaldsens Plads. It was sunny and although there wasn't too many people the atmosphere was great. I almost did'nt get away from the market again as a seller with a table full of christmas plates chatted for almost 30 minutes.

I love breakfast with my handsome man. In the week days he usually brings me coffee and breakfast in bed, but sometimes I pull myself together and get up so we can have breakfast at table.

Yeah, I have been modelling!!!! Back in march I attended this historic fashion show about underwear from 1850 to now at the National Museum, and this was a shorter version of the show. I liked my hair, outfit and make up MUCH better this time.

I would love to eat watermelon every day of the summer! It is the best.

I try to take a run three times a week, and I love Utterslev Mose and Bispebjerg cemetary.

My boyfriend and I tried the new almost non-alcoholic beers from Carlsberg when we went for a walk sunday. Unfortunateely this blond-version was rather discusting, but the other one (gylden) was ok.

I am not a fan of birds! Especially not the geese, but as long as the don't chase my at my runs I try to keep a good relationship with them.

We spent a long weekend in Sweden with my boyfriends family, so nice to get away from everything! I spent the days knitting, reading (I finally finished Lars Saaby Christensen Halvbroderen, best book in years!), taking naps and eating cake. I also too two runs and went on a walk hoping to meet a moose. No luck. But I did see some deer and Niels saw a rabbit when we were running. I was too busy trying not to faint or cry.

Oh, and this cat was watching us from a distance.

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