fredag den 6. juni 2014

Soo not the plan - 2 new dresses

I am bad! A few days ago I packed a load of stuff to sell at the Vintage Corner at CPH:LX and it was great to free some hangers in the closet.

But hey, a lot of swing dancers did the same, and yesterday I brought home two nice "new" dresses, sigh! That really wasn't a part of the plan.
 First I bought the cute summer dress from Pinup couture that my fellow Charlestonista Michelle had brought to the Corner. She is also the woman behind the boutique and have put a great effort in making it nice and welcoming - good work!

 I cannot help it. I love flowery prints and full skirts!

 I also fell for this 70s dress. It is a little off my usual style, but I love the 30s feeling that the cape gives me. And it is so comftable to wear, very light - and the the price was 70 kr.!

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