fredag den 6. juni 2014

Swing dance meets Distortion Festival

Two years ago MissInformation arranged wednesday swing dancing at the bridge by Kaffesalonen at Nørrebro. That was the summer that I started swing dancing and I really enjoyed the warm summer evenings there.

Unfortunately the wednesday swing nights were'nt possible last summer, so it was a welcoming surprise when it was announced  that there would be swing dance at Kaffesalonen this summer, yay!

This wednesday was the grand opening - the same day as Distortion (big music event in the streets of Copenghagen) was taking place at Nørrebro, and I was excited to see how Chris Tanner Trio would cope with all the Distortion-noise. But they did! And what a night allthough I missed the little coloured lamps. People were in a great mood, totally ignoring the drunk teenagers and just dancing their feet out of the shoes.

 Distortion as it appears from a swing dancers point of view at Kaffesalonen

 Chris Tanner Trio ready for their newt set.

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