torsdag den 23. januar 2014

Tv I like - Mob City

I don't watch that much tv, but when I do, I prefer a good drama, and it doesn't make it less interesting if the caracters wear nice clothes to look at, not at all!

A tv drama that has caught my attention lately is Mob City, a tv series made for the channel TNT by Frank Darabont who is also one of the names behind another of my favorite series, The Walking Dead.

Mob City is inspired by the film noirs and situated in LA in the late 1940s where Bugsy Siegel and his men are basically running the city. The troubled police detective and main caracter, Joe Teague is offered a job as bodyguard for the stand up comic, Hecky. Hecky is a kind of sad caracter whos always been dominated by the big guys from the mob, and he is about to get his revenge. He is in possesion of some very compromising photos of some one very important....

But things aren't going the way Hecky planned them to, mainly because Joe Teague recognizes the style of the photographs - his ex wife took them, and to protect her he has to play a double game.

Normally I am not really into mob movies, but I like this one. Maybe because it's more like a film noir with a well dressed femme fatale. It is kind of violent and bloody,but it is also very surprising and I like the plot and the caracters.

 Joe Teague is played by Jon Bernthal who was also one the caracters in The Walking Dead, Shane.

 The beautiful femme fatale, Jasmine Fontaine (Alexa Davalos)

The notorious Bugsy Siegel.

I have watched the 6 episodes of the first season but at present time I am not aware if there will be more episodes. I hope so!

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