torsdag den 16. januar 2014

A new dress would be much easier

I can always buy a new dress. I could buy one every day!! I fall in love with a new dress at least twice a day.

But there are things that I find very hard to find and buy. The first thing is a coat. Coats are usually very expensive, and to me it seem so.... serious and definit to buy one. It has to be warm enough for the scandinavian winter, and it has to last for a long time - and hence that I really have to be certain about it. For the last three years I have worn this ugly ugly coat, but I have to admit - it is really comfy! But this year it has actually been too warm. The weather in Denmark has been quite warm, it almost hasn't been freezing at all during the day. So I have spent hours looking for the perfect coat et Etsy. The coat that is not too expensive, that fit perfect and so on. But I still haven't found it! Last year I promised myself to be prepared for winter and find one in august! I guess that will be my solution again this year.

Anyway! Last night I got a little bit closer to finding another item that I have been looking for for quite som time.

A hand bag!

This might sound silly, but I've only got two bags. One really cheap bag that I use every day and which carries all my stuff for every day life. It normally contains my shoes for dancing (you'll never know when an opportunity shows up), a bottle for water, a shopping bag, my notebook, wallet, quite a few lipsticks, a certain amount of bobby pins, phone, hair brush, cardigan, mirror, all sorts of cables for charging, for sounds when I teach charleston, my headphones, a snack, a book, tissues and so on. I am the kind of girl who carries everything with me!

My other bag is a slightly smaller shoulder bag, very expensive leather bag, that I bought in New York in 2008. I love it. But.

I need a nice and cute hand bag! A bag that can complete my look. A bag for when I only have to carry my phone and credit card. But I cannot find that bag....

Last night I saw it at Instagram! Stutterinmama, who has an Etsy-shop posted it on her profile, and there instantly was a queue for it.

Well, I was number 5... Not good enough, so I have to keep searching for my perfect handbag....

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