tirsdag den 14. januar 2014

Cute dress for celebrating

Bernie Dexter is a repro-brand by the model and designer Bernie Dexter that I actually know very little of. I have only seen a few of her designs in real life, and although I liked the lively and colourful style, i also thought that the dress lenght were a little too short and that the waist was cut too high. (I prefer my dresses to end mid-calf or at least by the knee, and for the matter of waist, especially when it comes to rich swing skirts.) Judged only by the looks, because - shame on me - I have never tried them on!

But today I saw this cute, perfect for celebrating, Bernie Dexter-dress, and at least the length of the dress seems allright! Normally I don't wear strappy dresses, at least not during winter, but I would definitly consider this dress for a speciel party or new years eve (a little too late....)

At Bernie Dexter the dress is 156 dollars witch is around 850 kr. Pretty ok price, I think, but with taxes and all that from the states sadly it will become too expensive.

I only know of one store in Denmark selling this brand, Mondo Kaos in Nørrebro, but they only have a few of the designs.

If I someday get saved up for this dress I think I will look for it at What Katie Did, the lingerie brand, who offers a larger selection of the Bernie Dexter dresses from their website - and ships from Europe!

Another - unfortunately american - website who provides the BD dresses is Modcloth.

I think frm now on I will keep my eyes open for this brand.

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