søndag den 19. januar 2014

Sunday look

Yesterday I had an off day with hang overs from hell and I didn't leave the house at all. Today I had to attend a meeting in town because I teach a charleston class. And after that I had to meet some girls and prepare some performance we are doing next month before a little social dancing, so I had to dress up a bit today.
 I bought this one-piece at a vintage store at Christianshavn several yers ago, and although it is probably from the 80s I think it has a 40s feeling with the padded shoulders, the flowery pattern and the fact that it is a one-piece. I really like it, but I don't use it that often nowadays. But it was nice to rediscover it in my closet.

I decided to wear my classic pearl earings, a gift from my aunt, and my new black shoes that I bought for balboa-dancing two weeks ago at the hught flea- and antigues market at Forum. They are so comfy the height of the heels are perfect for work wear. The only thing that I don't like about them are the shoe-tips - normally I only wear rounded tips, but these are slightly square... But I think I will survive.

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