søndag den 19. januar 2014

Friday - daytime look

Today my boss yelled at me, when I came to work.
"Natascha, you make the rest of us look under dressed!" Another collegue commented that she expected me to sneak over and whisper "I shall only say this once..." in her ear. I know it's the baret! Normally I don't wear a wool baret indoor, but I have the worst case of Bad Hairday today and the rest of my hats were not suitable for the snow, rain and wind outside, so I decided to wear this green baret all day.
The dress is a cheap Collectif-dress. I love the dogtooth-pattern, and I think I have three dresses and two skirts that look almost the same. As for the brand, I have known it for quite some time. First I was happy to have discovered a brand of repro-dresses that I could afford, but then I realized why it was cheap... The quality wasn't really good and the designs looked weird at me. The waist was cut too hight and the sizes were inconsistent, meaning that I would fit a size 12 dress, but 16 or 18 when it came to shirts and cardigans. So I decided never to buy anythning from them again, but they have this really hugh discounts once in while with 50 % off - so I buy something once in while. And I think the brand has improved a lot since my first dress from them. The quality is better and now I have several favorite dresses from Collectif in my wardrobe.

 With the dress I wore this brooch that I bought from an antigues market no long ago... It was very cheap, 20 kr.

These are my new shoes. I bought them pre-used but they are from Lola Ramona.

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