søndag den 26. januar 2014

Saturday flea market

Yesterday (saturday) I felt the urge to go to a flea market, although I am very poor these days. Fortunately for me going to flea market for me isn't all about buying. I love to snoop around looking at the funny, weird stuff, picking up prices, look at people and see what they find interesting.

So I went to Remisen at Østrebro, an indoor market that I like, beause the entrance fee is reasonable (10 kr.), there are usually not over-crowded, and - most important - I like the mix of private and professional sellers, which mean it is a good blend of crap and good stuff!

Unfortunately there is not much vintage clothing at the market. Yesterday was the first or second time I saw something there - isn't this dress adorable? I love the flower pattern and green is my favorite colour. I was really displeased with the size: XXS or maybe it was a girls dress. Way too small... Besides that I saw a lot of designer stuff (Marc Jacobs for instance) and ugly blouses... But I have bought several pairs of shoes here a few years ago

 You can find crystal glasses, houseware and ugly winter coats at the market. But a thing I like about the market is that the sellers put an effort into their stands to make them look nice and interesting.

    I really loved this stand! The owner, a sweet lady told me about her fetich for tins. I couldn't resist buying one.

    She was also a dedicated collector of colourful toys in tree.

I fell for this guy... I have seen these birds before, but I am not sure who the designer is. Can anyone enlight me? Is it the guy with the popular ducks? This one was for sale for 250 kr. and I don't think that is really expensive, but his cigar was broken and I was broke. I would have bought him anyway if I didn't just buy tickets for London this month...

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