lørdag den 17. maj 2014

The perfect glass of bubbles

These are my new champagne glasses. Perfect french glasses from 1930s. I have wanted champagne glasses with cups for ages but in Denmark they are hard to find. I see them occasionally when I go to antique shops, but somehow they are alway wrong. The stem is always too clumsy and short and the bowl has too much crystal or other fancy features. I just wanted them plain and pretty!

Although I have been looking for them on markets for years I never really got desperate - I don't need the glasses for a special event or anything, they are just on my wish list, and it has been been sort of fun to go hunting for them everytime I went to a flea or antique market. And I am aware that these glasses are quite expensive (250 - 500 kr. pr. glass), which means that I want the perfect glasses, not just some champagne glasses.

But a few weeks ago I had a friday off and want to Ravnsborggade (Nørrebro) to hang around the antique shops there. I actually managed to find several champagne glasses with cup in the same shop, and some of them were... nice and at a reasonable price (250 kr. pr. glass). But again - not quite what I wanted. I was a little temped, and the lady in the shop were nice, but six glasses at a price of 1.500 kr. wasn't really for me afterall. It was nice to see that you actually can find some nice glasses afterall and it made me optimistic, so when I went to another shop and the man asked me if I was looking for anything in particular I first replied as always, that I was just taking a look, but then I said that actually I was looking for something but thst I was aware that it was a little hopeless because I had this very particular picture in my head of what these glasses would look like. I explained it to him and he said that he actually had that kind of champagne glasses - and picked up some very short and clumsy Holmegaard glasses which is excactly what I am NOT looking for. So I said no thanks and I would just keep searching and then he went vey rude! Talked to me like I was stupid and said that maybe I was having the image in my head of what they would look like, but that didn't mean that I would be able to find them, and if I did I should be ready to pay up to 500 kr. for them and not 50 as everybodythought.
Ehm, yeah, I am well aware of that, thank you very much.
Idiot. I wont go back to his shop again. After that I told my friend about him, and it turned out that she had been to the same shop to buy my birthday present a few months ago, and his was impolite to her as well.

Anyway! He made me in a bad mood and later that evening I found these beautyfull french glasses from 1930s on Ebay. I paid less than 350 kr. for the four of them, most of the price was for the shipping actually.

And they are perfect!

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