tirsdag den 20. maj 2014

The watercolour dress I almost DIDN'T buy

A while ago I went to the vintage shop Prag (the one at Nørrebrogade) and tried this dress on.

I had seen it there many times, but I alwaus assume that I cannot fit into the vintage dresses, that I am too large, when I hold them up... (Although I have actually bought three dresses there in the past). I guess I have a really bad judgement of my own size. But this day I really fell for the watercolour flower print (really into flowers these days...) and took it with me into the fitting room.

And then it was too big! I didn't have a belt, so it looked a bit sacky on me. I took a photo and asked Instagram what my followers thought about it - and the reactions were very... ehm, mixed! One just said "don't buy it" others were reasonable and asked if I was sure that I would wear when the the size wasn't really me. Others again were very positive and said I should go for it and i could easily sew it... Fortunately I tried it on with a belt - and VOILA! Sold. It is still a little too big, but that's nice. I have a lot of tight dresses and sometimes it is just nice to wear something pretty AND comfy :)

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