mandag den 26. maj 2014

Monday musings (1)

Monday means a new start. A whole new week. And I will give you some recommandations for what you can do, if you find yourself in a need of a little procrastinating.

Today I will give you three nice tips.

If you live in the Copenhagen area I will definitly suggest that you go fetch your bike or a train a little up north til Gl Holtegaard Museum. At the moment they are showing a good amount of the photographer Robert Doisneaus photos. Among them my fave - dog on wheel, showing a parisian dachs with weels instead of the two back legs and a lot of other great photos of Paris in especially 1940s and 1950s. And if you you cannot go there yourself - you can also enjoy them on the good ol' web.
Read more about the exhition on the museums page.

I recently watched this documentary about Paris in the roaring twenties, and it is amazing! I like the historical facts and the context, but the best thing about is that it is in colours! They have probably also slowed down the film bits, and it makes them look very... real. I have always thought that movie bits that old looked weird and I couldn't really relate to them. But this is a totally different experience and I cannot recommend it enough.

Topvintage is webshop with repro-brands such as Bettie Page, Collectif, Stop Staring and a lot more. I think the service is excellent and there is a lot to choose from. And as a european it is great not having to bother with the taxes as with the american webshops. I have bought a few dresses from Topvintage and I have really been satisfies.

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