søndag den 18. maj 2014

1980s go 1940s

I am really not into most of the 80s fashion. Really.

But 40s clothes are very hard to find, often very expensive and for... smaller waisted women than me.

I have a (so far) sad story about a pretty 40s dress and me being incredivly stupid, but hopefully there will be a happy ending at last.

I saw this fantastic dress at a Etsy-sellers Instagram one night when I couldn't fall a sleep. Next morning I made a reservation for it and a few days later I bought. I went to London, came home and the dress had not arrived yet. It was a little odd as it was only shipping from Norway, but things can get delayed, so I continued waiting and I wrote to the seller to make sure that she did ship it. Then the easter holidays came and went, still no dress, so I contacted the seller again to see if she new anything. She didn't but she was really nice and went to the post office and asked for it. But eerything should be fine. But it didn't show up and after some time I gave up hope, but I was really frustrated and sad.

Then a few weeks ago I would buy a vintage dress pattern on etsy, and when checking out I discoreved that paypal had gone back to my old adress! !!! I then really realized that my beautyfull 40s dress had probably been sent to my old home, so I imedeately contacted the new owner of the appartment, and yes, a month sgo he received a note from the post office that there was a package for me, and he had tried to wrie to me on Facebook, but as we are not Facebook-friends his message ended up in the Other-files - which I never check.

The good thing in this story is, that the package hopefully soon will end back home at the seller. And she promised to ship it again as soon as it arrives.

Well thats a whole other story. What I really wanted to talk about is my two very cheap buys from ebay!

Two dresses made in the 1980s but with a nice 40s feeling.
This dress has a cute cherry print which is a common vintage print. I like that th print is not too large. And then there is a peplum-detail. I like the peplum feature but it is not always suitable to me as it brings too much attention to the waist (or lack of so) I think. The only thing that I dislike about this dress is the lenght. It is obviosly too short and the skirts end just above my knees. I have considered putting the hem down, and I think the fabric will give me about 1 cm more to the lenght, but then again I get too lazy and think it is too much effort. So far I just enjoy the cherry print and that it is quite different from was I normally wear.

 This dress was really a bargain, it only costed me a few pounds! I fell for the flowery and exotic print, very 40s Hawaiian style! It is shirt dress which is my favorite style and what I think suits me best. The fabric is a little shiny and very cute. What I did not see on the ebay pictures was the pleads. Yuk! I hate that kind of pleads, so 70s and 80s, and maybe it is little too long for me. Anyway, when I got it onm I loved it immediately. And I think it is slimming too ;)

These too are my first real 80s-dresses in the attemt to dress vintage style. I think it have turned out rather well!

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