onsdag den 5. februar 2014

The green dresses

Last summer I bought two gorgeous green dresses at a flea market (out door at the Carlsberg area) well knowing that they were probably a little too small for me. But they were rather cheap, so I decided to buy them and then maybe sell them on if they were impossible for me to ever wear.

It turned out that they were only slightly too small so being on the optimistic side I kept them. I had just lost almost 10 kg in the autumn, and hey! maybe I could loose some more weight. Well, never happend...

During the autum I kept looking at the two dresses in my wardrobe. They are so beautifull!

Lat friday I tried them on too see if something had changed. It hadn't. But somehow I talked myself into wearing the light one for a dinner party with girlfriends.

Isn't it cute? What a shame that I am about to burst out of it!! I ended up leaving the party way too early, mainly because I was afraid that the dress would explode. I did not feel comftable at all! It is really a shame, because now I am in the classic dilemma : Should I keep the dresses just because I love them, knowing that I will probably never be able to wear them? Or should I pass them on? But what if...?!?

Anyway, I think you should see the pictures of the dresses when I bought them.

 The green colours are not fully displayed here, but I think you get the idea...

 The dark green one that I wanted wear all the time in the autumn...

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